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Free Calcs goal is to collect and build the biggest list of links to the best free calculation tools that will help you solve any problems you face.

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Find any calculator or online tool you need with Free Calcs. Our mission is to list the best free online calculators to help you solve any problem you face. The best part is every calculator that we link to is free and accessible online so that you can use them anywhere at any time. We have a range of calculators across a list of categories from; mathematics, science, health to finance.

Gone are the days of needing to spend real money to access tools such as a real-life scientific calculator. With free-calcs.com you can access the same tools without paying a cent. It can sometimes be hard to find exactly the exact tool you are looking for to solve your problem. We have done the hard work for you with our categorised list of free online calculators.

Our mission is to continue to grow our categories of free online calculators. Be sure to bookmark this page and continue to check back every time you are searching for a calculator to help you solve your needs.