The Best Free Online Tip Calculators

The average tip in restaurants across the United States ranges between 15% and 20%, depending on the type of restaurant and the quality of service. However, if you’re not sure about the amount you should leave, there are plenty of free online tip calculators available. These tools will give you a ballpark estimate of how much you should tip based on the cost of your meal and the quality of service you received.

List of Free Tip Calculators

  • Visit Calculator
  • King's Calculator Visit Calculator
  • Math Easel Visit Calculator
  • CalculConversion Visit Calculator
  • LovetoKnow Visit Calculator
  • Good Calculators Visit Calculator
  • OMNI Calculator Visit Calculator
  • Free Tip Calculator Visit Calculator
  • Omni Calculator Visit Calculator
  • CalculateStuff Visit Calculator
  • INCH CALCULATOR Visit Calculator
  • GIGA Online Calculator Visit Calculator
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What is a Restaurant Tip Calculator?

Tip calculators are great because they help you figure out how much to leave on a check without having to ask someone. They also make sure you don’t forget to include gratuity when calculating tips.

How to Use a Tip Percentage Calculator?

A tip percentage calculator is a calculator for determining how much of a tip to leave. To use it, you first have to enter your bill amount, tax amount and a service charge.

Do I need to use a Tip Calculator?

You don't need to use a tip calculator, but it can be helpful to eliminate the possibility of incorrectly tipping the wrong amount. By using one of the free online tip calculators listed above, you can ensure that you tip exactly the amount you want to.

Should you leave a Tip For Bad Service?

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if you should leave a tip. Choosing not to leave a tip is an ethical dilemma that only you can decide. You never know how much service staff depend on tips to make ends meet, and while that is no excuse for bad service, everybody has bad days, and you don't know what they are currently going through in their life.

What is an Good Tip?

Most people know that 15-20% is an acceptable tip for excellent service at a sit-down restaurant, but many of us may not realize just how much that figure is calculated. The standard tip percentage is determined by calculating 18% of your pre-tax bill and adding another 4% on top of that to factor in sales tax. This can be a bit confusing—especially because you’re never actually charged sales tax at restaurants, since they automatically account for it. So here’s what your tip calculation looks like: Amount Paid x 1.18 = % Tipped + Amount Paid x 1.06 = Total Tip Amount.

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