Best Free BMI Calculators

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a method of determining a healthy weight depending on your height. For most individuals, a BMI of 20-25 is considered to be in the healthy range. Generally, these calculations are only recommended for adults. BMI calculators can be found for free on many online sites. Although calculating your BMI is a great tool to determine risk factors involved with being overweight such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you must consider other factors such as waist circumference. It is always best to consult local medical experts and doctors for accurate and quality information. Below you can find a long list of the best free online body mass index calculators to help you compare results and ensure you find accurate answers.

List of BMI Calculators

  • DeliveryRank Visit Calculator
  • Heart Foundation Visit Calculator
  • LiveLighter Visit Calculator
  • Visit Calculator
  • Mayo Clinic Visit Calculator
  • Heart Online Visit Calculator
  • KidsHealth Visit Calculator
  • Monash University Visit Calculator
  • NHS Visit Calculator
  • Calculator Online Visit Calculator
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