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Calories are a unit for measuring energy. They are commonly used to measure the energy stored in food or the energy required to support a human body. The human body needs calories to operate and keep vital bodily functions running, even when resting, to maintain heat and the heart and lungs working. Humans gain calories from eating food with different foods and drinks containing different calories depending on what they are made from.

A calorie calculator is used to determine how many calories your body will burn in a day. Calorie calculators use factors such as age, weight, height and physical activity involvement to estimate how many calories a person will burn each day. Different caloric calculators may produce various results based on the settings and methods used to determine the outcome. Some of the formulas may include the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation, the Katch-McArdle Equation, and the Revised Harris-Benedict Equation. You can find a wide range of calorie calculators below to help you find an accurate result.

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What is the definition of a calorie

Multiple definitions of the calorie exist. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as the following:

The amount of heat required at a pressure of one atmosphere to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius that is equal to about 4.19 joules.

You can checkout the other definitions from the Merriam Webster Dictionary here.

How many calories do you need each day?

According to the NHS the recommended daily caloric intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2500 calories a day for men. However, this is a rough guide and depends on factors such as your age, lifestyle, and physical factors such as your height and weight. Using the calculators listed above, you will find a more accurate estimation.

How can a calorie calculator help me lose weight?

Calorie calculators can help you estimate how many calories your body uses each day. Using this information, you can consume fewer calories than you use, which will help you lose weight. Please consult a qualified medical professional like your GP before doing this. To help you estimate if you are a healthy weight, you can use a BMI Calculator.

How can I burn more calories?

To burn more calories each day, you should participate in more physical exercise. Exercises could include taking walks, jogging or joining a local sports club.