5 Free Scientific Calculator Apps for Mobile Phone (Android and iOS)

Whether you're in business, an engineer, or a student studying mathematics, a scientific calculator is a must-have tool to help you solve complex calculations. Unfortunately, we don't always have the time or money to acquire a real-life scientific calculator.

This article looks at the five of the best free Scientific Calculator Apps popular for basic and advanced calculations. These apps are available in the Google Play and Apple App Store at no cost and have been vetted by strong popularity leading to tens of millions of downloads. You can quickly turn your Android or iOS phone into a scientific calculator by installing these apps. These calculator apps have all the features that a scientific calculator should have and a quality user interface that will allow you to learn the ropes while using the calculator quickly. With the help of these calculator apps, you'll be able to solve difficult equations and mathematical problems with no hassle.

Top 5 Free Scientific Calculator App on Your Mobile Phone

1) Panecal Scientific Calculator

The Panecal Scientific Calculator is one of the most flexible and intuitive scientific calculator apps available. This app has been designed for convenience to help you with your studies and calculations. one of the best features is the edit feature which allows you to change and correct mathematical formulas that have already been entered and calculated.

The Panecal Scientific Calculator includes the following features:

  • Solving basic to advanced arithmetic
  • Algebraic operations
  • Trigonometric
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Angle units (radians/degrees)
  • Base-N digit computation and conversion (Max 32 bits)

You can make the calculation process faster by copying and pasting any formula into your calculation. The ability to calculate N-based number calculations and conversation (Max 32 bits) makes it beneficial for advanced calculations.

Download the Panecal Scientific Calculator App: Android | iOS

2) Calculator Plus - Advanced Calculator Tool

Calculator Plus is an award-winning app considered one of the best scientific calculator apps available for iOS. Calculator Plus is a free scientific calculator that provides you with the extra benefit of being operated on an Apple Watch. The Calculator Plus app is interactive and has a completely customizable graphical interface. One of the unique features of the Calculator Plus app is the ability to see the result of an equation simultaneously as you write it, allowing you to edit and review mistakes as you go.

The Calculator Plus app includes the following features:

  • Fractions and percentages
  • Unit conversions for inches, cm, feet, and linear equations.
  • Plot graphs easily with a built-in graphing calculator.
  • Currency converter to help you to convert any currency.

Download the Calculator Plus App: Android | iOS

3) Scientific Calculator by Meonria

Boasting a high rating on the Google Play Store Scientific Calculator by Meonria is a great app to help students perform and complete calculations quickly.

The Scientific Calculator by Meonria app has all the basic/standard calculator features, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, it also has a scientific calculator's functions for difficult mathematical calculations such as logarithms, trigonometric, and exponential functions. This Android app is easy to use and does not contain any upgrades or in-app purchases.

Download the Scientific Calculator by Meonria App from the link below: Android

4) HiEdu Scientific Calculator

The HiEdu Scientific Calculator offers multiple powerful scientific calculation features. This free app converts your phone into a powerful scientific calculator that contains:

  • Standard, scientific, and programmer modes
  • A unit converter
  • Support for maths, physics and chemistry formulas
  • Graphing capabilities

The HiEdu Scientific Calculator app is as powerful as a real-life scientific calculator. The ability to save all your formulas and equations to view and edit later is very useful when studying complex calculations. You can also create and view statistics and graphs effortlessly.

Download the HiEdu Scientific Calculator App below: Android | PC/Mac

5) Scientific Calculator Plus Advanced 991 Calc

The Scientific Calculator Plus Advance is considered one of the most powerful scientific calculator apps for university and school students. It is powerful and versatile enough to be helpful for engineers as well. You’ll get five different calculators with this app which is the main reason behind the popularity of the Scientific Calculator Plus Advance app. These include:

  • The Basic Calculator 300 allows you to solve percentages, powers, roots, trigonometric and logarithmic problems
  • The Advance Calculator 115 for linear algebra, calculus and complex numbers
  • The Scientific Calculator 991 to help solve equations (quadratic and cubic equations)
  • The Graphing Calculator 84 supports function graphs, polar, parametric, and other graphing features

Aside from these calculators, you’ll also get other math formulas, physics formulation, unit conversion, subject matter, font, and programming options and support on the Scientific Calculator Plus Advance app.

Download the Scientific Calculator Plus Advanced 991 Calc App: Android


The Google Play Store and Apple App Store contain endless wonderful calculator apps. This list will hopefully help you narrow down the best scientific calculator apps to help you with your work or study. Be sure to check out our lists of calculators to help you find the best free calculator for whatever problem you are facing.

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